Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning!!!!!

I know I sound a bit excited, huh? Well, not really. I am trying to get some heavy stuff done before my husband, John comes home on Saturday. He has been working in Maryland for the last 6 weeks. So......I am excited to see him of course. I don't want to have to clean anything for a few days.

I am really trying to follow the guidelines of my diet. I am seeing the nutritionist for the next 3 months. I would like to lose a couple of pounds before surgery. My problem is eating out of boredom. With my husband gone and no job as of yet, it can get a little boring. I keep rereading the material she gave me so I get through my thick skull! It's kind of tough to cook for one person.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to Amy for being my first follower! I hope to learn more about blogging....I truly don't have a clue what I'm doing. I will continue to look forward to Amy's blog.

Have a great day!

Miss Vickie


  1. VICKIE! I am so glad that you started your own blog! I have been waiting for a post since I figured out that you were Vickie from my real life!!! LOL! How is everything else going?

  2. Hi Vickie! I can't wait to follow your journey.
    I was banded May 2009. Good luck with your pre-op diet. I thought it was the hardest part, and it seems like it'll never be over but you are 1/2 way there!

  3. Thanks Amy and Jennifer. I have learned a lot just from reading your blogs. It is certainly a wealth of information. Amy, I hope to see you at the next support group in March.

  4. Every time my hubby is on night shift I tend to eat more too out of boredom or whatever :-)