Friday, April 30, 2010

Zumba ???????

Good morning everyone,

I have been going to Zumba 3x a week for the past month. I have already lost 7lbs! I absolutely love it!

Anyway, I was talking to my Zumba instructor and told her about my upcoming WLS and that I would be out for a few weeks. I didn't want her to think I quit. She seems to think I will be out for at least 6 weeks! Is that true? I was thinking maybe 4 weeks at the most.

I know Jenny recently had her band on and is going to Zumba. So, how long before you could go? There is quite a lot of core work and twisting going during the workout. What a bummer if I have to wait so long :(

Well, I am off to Zumba right now! Thanks all.

Miss Vickie

Saturday, April 24, 2010

BYOC..... Drazil's 5 Questions

1. Name a career you would NOT want to do and tell why?
I don't want to work at any job that requires me to work nights, holidays or weekends! Yes, I am a very spoiled Biatch! I am working on taking my Real Estate Exam so I can make my own hours. I love to have time to visit my kids and grand babies in AZ.

2.Best present you ever received for your birthday.
This year I turned 50..ugh! I was in Phoenix and my kids and husband threw a very nice party for me. My husband and kids bought me a Pandora bracelet and charms to go with it. My husband also got me a Kindle. I love everything.

3.What do you hide behind?
I guess I would say that I try to be so nice and very forgiving. I realize people make mistakes just like I do. I n the past I was very forgiving because I did not want my first husband to leave us. He did anyway but I felt like such a fool for being such a door mat.

4.Where were you born?
I was born in Torrance, CA My Dad was in the Navy for 20 years. We moved to Hawaii and back to CA a couple of times.

5. Which comment affected you greatly?
I think Amy W. asked about what do you hide behind. I had never even thought about it much. She really got me thinking about myself.

Love you, Drazil!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Front Landscaping.......check!


We purchased a new home when we moved here to Florida. We had no yard, fence,pool, and oh yeah, a seawall! part of our property falls into a small ditch. So, we have to build a seawall to extend our yard in the back. Man, that was expensive! The front yard is done and we have the fence, pool and outdoor kitchen to do. I really need to get a damn job! I have been semi retired for a while and I love it. So unless the S.S. Money shows up, I will need to work. Here are a few before and after pictures. Oh, and the hubbs made me a beautiful fountain from a huge pottery piece.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Things Happen For A Reason

John and I went to the beach on Saturday and Sunday. We were hot and sweaty. We have a new home and we are finally landscaping our yard. It looks great! He just has to finish the fountain today and I will post some pictures.

Anyway, yesterday the beach was pretty crowded so we had to squeeze into a spot. We ended up sitting next to 3 ladies who were laughing and joking and having a great time. One of them was saying to the other (joking) "why don't you have some more chips, lard ass!" They were all laughing and one of them turns to us and says " we are all thinking of having lap band surgery!"

So I said "Oh, I'm having that surgery next month!" I think only one of them is really interested in the surgery. They were so surprised and one of them said "everything happens for a reason". Anyway, they were all so nice and lots of fun. I told them a little about the surgery and how excited I am about it. I even told them about BOOBS! They thought it was just fantastic!

Even though I haven't had the surgery yet, I felt good that I may have helped someone to seriously think about it. As you know, this is not something you just do so quickly. It does take some soul searching and contemplation. I did tell them it was a life changing process. They invited us up to Delaware and York, PA. The lady who is thinking about the band said, "We won't recognize you when you come up!"

I can't wait.

I am starting Water Aerobics today in addition to Zumba. I think I am going to be a little sore!

Have a great week,

Miss Vickie

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting Closer!!!!!!

Good morning all,

I had my 5th diet and nutrition appt. yesterday. In the past 5 months I have stayed the same as far as weight goes. I guess I really suck at this dieting thing! Anyway, it was so exciting to talk with Miss Betty at Dr. Friedman's office about possible surgery dates! I am hoping to have surgery on May 21st or 24th. My last appt. with the Nutritionist is May 3rd. It should take 5-7 days for approval. Then I have the 3 pre op. appts to go to. I am so ready for this. I keep reading your blogs and seeing your progress pictures and I have to confess that I am very envious. You all look amazing! I know I will get there too.

On my previous post I mentioned the Viactin Multi Vit. I talked to Amy, (diet & nutritionist) about them and she said she liked them but they do not have any iron in them. So she said I should take an iron pill with them. Thankfully, they are small and can fit through the band. I just wanted to give those of you a heads up in case you started taking them.

The hubbs is going to Las Vegas this weekend. It is a brother's trip and they are going to see ACDC. John is so excited. He has been working so hard, he deserves to have some fun. I, on the other hand, will be at the beach as it is going to be a glorious weekend here on the Gulf Coast!