Tuesday, August 31, 2010


John, after Afghanistan
Before Afghanistan
Okay, I admit I couldn't find this picture earlier today.  Thanks to Draz, I made sure I found it.  This is John the day after he got home from Afghanistan.  He is 15 lbs lighter and clean shaven.  He is such a cutie and he looks 10 years younger....

Hubby is home!

Well, the visit with the grand kids was wonderful.  They loved the beach and the dolphin cruise....we saw dozens of dolphins by the way.  Luckily, John arrived home from Afghanistan on Tuesday morning just in time to see the boys before they got on a plane that same afternoon.  We even had enough time to take them to the beach again!

Weight loss news is great!  I am down to 196....so close to 50 lbs lost.  I am at the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours.  Weight training, core exercises, swimming and zumba.  I am so sore but I love it!  I have been wearing so many dresses.  I adore them!

John came home much thinner and he shaved off his goatee.  He looks 10 years younger.

Sarah, Aiden and Nicolas
Aiden and Nicolas
Looking forward to Chicago!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Company is coming!!!!

My two darling grandsons and my daughter in law will be here tomorrow!  I have lots of things planned for them.  Nicolas is 3 1/2 and all he has been talking about is going to the beach.  Aiden is only 1 1/2 so I am quite sure he won't know what is going on.  We have tickets to go on a Dolphin Cruise, the Gulfarium and we will check out a restaurant named Fudpuckers.  They have live alligators!                                                        Aiden

The only bummer is that John is still working out of the country.  We have been waiting so long for this visit and I am so sad he will miss it.  I will be sure to take pictures and movies for him.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yes, I am screaming!!!!  I went for my 2nd fill today and the doctor's scale showed 199!!!!!!  This has been my goal to reach before the hubbs returns from Afghanistan.  Hopefully, he will be home at the end of August.

Dr Freidman said I am rockin the band.  31.5lbs since surgery on May 24th.  I lost 15lbs during the diet and nutrition program before surgery.  The nurse said I am losing at the rate of a gastric bypass patient.  When I told the doctor how much I am exercising, he said that's what is helping me lose at this pace. 

All of you have such a huge support system for me and I appreciate it so much!

Rock on with the band!

Miss Vickie

Monday, August 9, 2010

Spinning...Tonsils and Vajayjay's

So, this morning I decided to fore go water aerobics and try spinning.  I know I would not be able to get up off the seat and ride, so I decided to just keep pedaling.  The room was dark and the music was loud.  I lasted about 30 minutes.  All I could think about was Stephanie describing her experience with Zumba.  She said she would rather pull her tonsils through her vagina than do Zumba.  Well Steph, I will say the same about spinning!  I will stick with water aerobics, swimming and Zumba for now.  I am meeting with a personal trainer tomorrow so she can show me how to use the weight machines.  I do need the weight training.

Oye.....my fanny hurts!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She Said "Yes To The Dress" !!!!!!

I everyone,  I just returned home from NY last night.  My daughter, Crystal and I made it to Kleinfeld and we bought a gorgeous dress!  I even got to meet "Randy"  The Fashion Director at the store!  He is so sweet!  I saw several of the consultants who are featured on the show.  The store is so big and loaded with bridal gowns.  It is simply beautiful.  You can see Crystal's dress here at www.lesposedigio.com, hers is in the Classic Collection, number 8.  The store will not allow photos of the dresses.  It fits her to a T!  It was a wonderful and memorable experience for both of us.  The hubbs had to catch his breath a little when I told him how much it was, but he recovered pretty quickly.......he's so cute! 

The wedding is at the end of October and I can't wait!  I am also looking forward to buying my dress!

Miss Vickie