Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Dentist Visit That Sucked a Big One!

Let me make myself very clear.....I HATE going to the dentist.  My own son is an Endodontist ( root canal ) doctor, I love him dearly, but I do not want to be sitting in his damn chair!  I take very good care of my teeth, and I go every 6 months because I do not want anything more than a cleaning done.  Imagine my surprise, while in the dentist's chair, I was told that I have 5....FIVE cavities!!!!!!   WTF!!!!

I remember a post that Amy W. wrote about a crazy amount of cavities she had this past year.  She was shocked too!  So, what does this mean?  Is anyone else having this issue?  I know I brush and floss everyday.  I drink a ton of water.  I do not drink anything with sugar.  What gives?

So, next Thursday, my dear friend Sandy, will have to drive me to get the fillings because I will be drugged up on Valium!  I am so terrified of the dentist, that Novacaine does not take effect because I get so worked up.  Therefore, they give me the drugs and I am blissfully in La La land.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Maybe I can prevent this from happening again.


  1. I know. But I asked Dr. Friedman, and Amy the nutritionist, and my dentist and they say there is no correlation between WLS and cavities...but it was just strange. I had 11 last year. 11!!!!!!

    So i dont know.

    I have been meaning to email or call you bc all I can think of is Dr. F and his situation. Will you email and let me know everything you know. I am so worried about him. I am having dreams about him, and not my usual naughty dreams...but sad serious ones.

  2. I get a lot of "cavities" and so completely feel your pain.


    It turns teeth get cavities for absolutely no reason attributable to me and poor hygiene. And these same cavities will fill themselves back in naturally if left alone.

    I learned this in the Navy. If you get a bunch all at once - chances are, they aren't really problems.

    In the Navy, they refused to fill every cavity I ever got and instead "put a watch on them". If they started to show decay (blackening) then there was a problem and they'd fill then. As long as there was no decay, literally just a hole, then they'd leave it alone. And usually in about two years, they'd be gone (but new ones on other teeth would appear).

    My dentist as a child refused to let cavities go "untreated" and since he was who I returned to after being discharged from the Navy, I have a whole mouthful of fillings I probably don't really need. My dentist in cali, the one I grew up with, argued with me and refused to listen to what the Navy docs thought.

    Once I moved to Texas, I explained all this to my dentist and he said, yeah, this is pretty common. So he went along with me and I haven't had to have a new fill in almost a decade. They all literally take care of themselves, eventually - so long as I keep up with my typical hygiene - brushing and flossing (which I have ALWAYS done).

    My current dentist is the same. He "puts a watch" on these things and lets them be.

    So I'd ask your dentist if there is truly decay. Because more often than not...these are natural holes that will naturally take care of themselves.

  3. Wow! I wonder if it is from PBing? Kind of like the way bulemics end up with teeth issues, I wonder if all the sliming and PBing errodes our teeth.

  4. Do you drink bottled water or tap water? Flouride is in the tap, but not the bottle. Hope it's not too scary!!

  5. That really sucks! I actually just started going to the dentist regularly. I hadn't been since I was 8, and I had NO cavities! anyway, not rubbing it in, just saying, maybe it is in the genes? or the bottled water thing.....

  6. I hate the dentist too - socially it nearly kills me to sit there and have people see me that closely. I'm sorry about the cavities.

  7. I wonder if the acid in our little pouches isn't amplified because of the small space and when we do anything to bring it up--like-- PBing, it starts eating at our teeth.

    Or maybe it's because we have so many more episodes it's just more likely to happen?

    Now that seems more like it!

    Just as a precaution we should always rinse (really good) after any episode.

  8. i wish i had good advice but I too hate the dentist and have the WORST teeth..I bring my ipod because the sounds of the drills freak me out...good luck!

  9. Ouch! Good luck to you. Valium is good stuff.

  10. I had a boatload of cavities earlier this year and that was BEFORE I had WLS. I think maybe dentists are full of it. I mean, it's kinda like going to a mechanic. A mechanic says you need a new farfenugger or your car will break down. You don't know what a farfenugger is so you buy it. Your dentist says your third bicuspid and number 18 need fillings. You don't know which teeth those were and certainly can't read the xray so you fill 'em. Just sayin...

  11. No advice or suggestions, unfortunately, but I hate the dentist too, so hopefully this excessive cavity phenomenon won't happen to me. Will be thinking about you on Thursday and sending good drug thoughts.

  12. So sorry about that doll...I hope it goes alright.
    I got your Christmas card and I love's hanging right on my fireplace mantle.
    Good luck.