Monday, June 6, 2011


Blue Moon Belgian White Beer.....YUM!!!!  After an entire year of not drinking my beloved Corona's, I have found Blue Moon.  This beer has very little carbination and is light and very refreshing.  I especially love an orange slice in it.  I only have to drink one, and I have a little buzz going on.  If I have two, the room is spinning!  I have always been a light weight when it comes to alcohol. 

I pour the beer in a frozen mug, squeeze in an orange slice, and let the bubbles go down a bit before I drink it.  This queen bee is one happy bee!

Just wanted to share     ;-)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Arizona Trip

Crystal and me
Nonna and Livi
Nicolas and Aiden
I have been back for a week, but things have been very busy in Real Estate Land!  I finally have a chance to read blogs and even post one myself.

Weight has stayed virtually the same for the last 3 months.  Except for the never ending back fat and belly fat, I am actually feeling pretty great these days.  I even lost a couple of pounds while in AZ!

My daughter had a small hernia in her belly button and had to have surgery.  I went out there for 10 days to take care of her and my almost 2 year old grand daughter.  I was exhausted every day.  Funny how one forgets what it is like to take care of a toddler.  I had 4 kids under the age of 7 at one time when I was 24 years old.  I still have no idea how I managed it all.  Anyway, It was a good trip, Crystal is doing great, and I was able to spend time with my other 2 grand sons as well.

Liviana, the diva!
I am getting very excited for Chicago!  I am looking forward to seeing my old friends and meeting the new ones as well.