Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Been A While

Where to begin:

1.  My dad is in Tucson in a  rehab hospital and doing great!  He should be home in a few weeks.  Truly a miracle!

2.  Been in an awful fight with my middle sister......the one we are surprising at Christmas in Hawaii for her 50th birthday!  I will write more about it when I can.

3.  My husband, John, had a very difficult time in Afghanistan...the rockets being launched at the base scared the crap out of him.  It has taken a few weeks for him to calm down, but I think he is doing better.

4.  My middle son has changed the venue for his wedding.  No more Italy.  They will be married in Santa Fe, N.M.  Much more reasonable as he is opening his new Endodontic practice there.  The wedding is set for 9-1-2012!  I am so excited!  I already have my rehearsal dinner dress and the dress for the wedding.  How odd that I purchased them a year before the wedding.  My only worry is that they will have to be taken in.....I hope!

5.  I have been holding steady with my weight for almost a year.  I would love to lose 20 more pounds.  I know what I need to do.  I think I got too comfortable at my current weight.

6. We are going to Phoenix next week.  John won an award at work and the awards ceremony is in AZ.  Lucky for us we can see our kids and grand kids, all on the company's dime!!!!!!

7.  Work is awesome!  I just need to go full time.  Hopefully that will happen soon.  I think I have found my niche in Property Management   :)

8.  I have been reading the blogs, just not commenting.  I promise to get better about that.  I love you all!

9.   That's all!