Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ahhh, Kettle Bells ♥

Let me tell you my love for Kettle Bells!  I have been going 3x a week for 2 months now and I feel so strong!  The first day was great and I could not sit to go pee without pain for 3 days! I started with an eight pound eight and now I use 15-25 pound bells. Our instructor is so inspiring and encouraging.  I feel so blessed.   Now, I endure bruises on my arms from holding the bells and doing squats.  A little makeup should cover those up when I have a sleeveless dress.

I have not lost a blasted pound, but I have lost inches.  That's okay cause I feel like a lean muscle machine.  I still walk my dogs every morning, do Zumba and kick boxing.  I am at the Studio 5 days a week.  I sleep like the dead most nights.

This Saturday we start doing our class at the beach!  No shoes or weight gloves and lots of throwing the weights in the sand.  John will be joining me when he gets home next week.  Zumba is right after that!

I just can't believe I have been exercising for 2 years now.  I was the queen of couch potatoes!  I actually decline dinner out with friends so I don't miss an exercise class...whaaaaaat?  It's the new me ladies, and I like it.

I have two sons getting married this summer and I want to look especially fit.  My husband has started saying things like "you are beautiful, gorgeous, and hot."  This just makes me want to keep going.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. You are the Kettle Bell queen! I know just what you mean about the pain, but it is a great workout and congrats to you for losing the inches!!

  2. My oldest daughter loves them! I'm afraid I would hit myself in the head! I'm so impressed with your exercise discipline! You are doing wonderfully!

  3. That is so inspiring!! I used to work with an awesome trainer in BC before we moved to Montreal, and I did tons of kettlebell stuff and tabatas with her - I almost died everytime I went, but man, it's an awesome workout. Nothing better than leaving the gym beet red and dripping...would love to find something like that here in my neighbourhood - I need to start looking!!

  4. Love, love, love! I think Kettlebells are great too. I've never been to a class like that although my friend Lizard goes. But we use them at CrossFit all the time. Glad you are enjoying working out!!

  5. You rock. I need to start trying new exercises, maybe kettle bells are the way to go for me, too! :)

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