Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why I love Kettle Bells ♥

Before:  After!  In about 35 minutes, my heart rate is soaring and I feel so good.  I try to go to this class 3 times a week and on Saturday, it is on the beach!  Photo: Kettlebells @ The Beach.  That is me in the pink dragging a 28 pound kettle bell through the sand.  I love to hate this class and the girl in the green is our kick ass instructor, Ashley.  I ♥ her so much for yelling at me to keep going!


  1. OMG. Working out on the beach must be a blast!

  2. eek!! beach yes, getting fitter hell yes..kettle bells (scary face) :)


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  4. YOU'RE ARMS KICK MAJOR BUTT!!! You look so fan-damn-tastic!!!