Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5 K Over The Bridge

Navarre Beach Bridge, FL

I had to miss my B3 clas this morning due to work issues.  B3 is Barbells, Kettle Bells and Bands.  I was pretty bummed, but decided to do a 5K walk/run over the bridge after work today.  It was 80 degrees and absolutely beautiful!  John and I are signed up for the Run To The Reef 5 K next weekend and I am not ready!  I will try to run as much as I can but I know I will walk quite a bit.   Either way, I will be movin' it!



  1. Navarre Beach is beautiful but I'm partial to the gulf!

    What a great place to run a 5k!

  2. Impressive, Vickie!! You will be amazing, I know it! Just stay hydrated! :)

  3. Running or walking- you are still planning a 5K and it looks fabulous.

  4. You go girlfriend! Is John a runner? I wish I could run but I just can't because of my ankle issue!